My Dad Did And Hurt Me

I was around 14 and he told me I was going to get the belt for messing up on my report card. I had been spanked may times before that though. He took off his belt and I got really to get hit. He hit me 5 or so times and I turned around and said I didn't want to be hit anymore.

He told me I didn't get a say. I still refused and it turned into a fight. He really slapped me as hard as he could and slit my lip. I was crying really bad by then and he was just telling me how sorry he was.

It was the last time he ever spanked me though, he felt so bad about losing his temper with me.

I was scared of him for months after that, even though he said sorry and told me how much he loved me everyday.

So I am an anti-spanking person...its too easy for turn more violence.
Fordguy2011 Fordguy2011
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1 Response Apr 27, 2011

my mother many time spank me when she lose controle sametime bare bum some time in public it was pain but more shame same time she regret and put cream to red butt but i prefere she not spank me than put me cream after sametime it was injust