Daw From Thailand Good Education Without Any Spanking

Daw is one thai girl living in Brussels married with one of my friend.She born in a family from 10 children. She was the 9th child , her parents have a farm where they made rice and fruits mango.coconut;bananas and so on. They live in Ayutaya 60 km from bangkok She said her parents never spank her and other children .her father and mother to punish them obliged her to work more in farm or privation of sweet or look tv . She very shocked when I tell story from leck and thao lashed by her father with belt. and from Lhamalo from tibet many time caned by her dad.Same of her eldest brother received same time small spanking from her dad but only with hands and on the clothes. But all the 5 girls they are never been spank and all made studies have job married and family. She said strike is very bad.and slack.
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56-60, M
Nov 30, 2012