My Traumatic And Injustified Spankings 1

Excuse bad english: I am against spanking or exceptionnelly and never bare and only with hands .For me if it is only this solution that must be made quietly and explain why to the child. Not made because you lose self controle. My mother spank me strong when she have problems. I shall tell you same stories who happened when I was child. First I was 5 years .It was easter holidays so I sleep nor on 9 a m. In this time mom not work,so she was at home. On 9 o clock she became to made aspiratory.It was noisy so that wake me up a little angry. I said " mom aspiratory made too much noise I could not sleep"Mom reply laughting to me " do not speek with snivelling voice stupid baby!"Angry I reply  "oh dung the "to mom. I know it was no good. But I not want insult her I said this like we said zut! But she understand like one insult , She think I said to her you are dirty dung . She not asked any explaination and direct spank me . She became angry! She said " I am a dirty dung ! that is for your bottom!" I was lying on my stomach. I have a new pyjama a little great for me so my left buttock was naked . It was like a temptation for mom hand!: Direct she give a very strong smack to my buttock it was a noisy CLAAK and direct I feel the pain! Immediately after she pull down my pyjama pant .So my right buttock who is nor white received also a stronger smack like to her twins sister.Again a big CLAAK  I begin to cry and rub my bum.Mom late me alone 20 minutes and go clean other part of appartement . When she came back I was always weeping and said to her" mom excuse me. You strike hard I have pain always My bum is red !" She reply laughting "yes I see it has good clap my hand have made a good job good job pum pum on your butt !,you have a red flower on each buttocks !!"I look in miror and I see the marks of mom hands on my small bum.I feel pain maybe one hour. But it was more for spirit it was traumatic . Yes I made wrong I said oh dung to mom. But why did she so early aspiratory and late me sleep . And also why could she said me stupid baby and me no oh dung?Why when I cry because I have pain she mock me and said my hands good clap good job you have flowers on each buttocks!
boeing707 boeing707
56-60, M
Dec 1, 2012