Hitting Is Always Wrong

Hitting is wrong .  Hitting is a violent thing to do.  Violence is a  thing one person does to make another person hurt.  We want to treat children in ways that do not hurt or harm them.  We can.  We want to be kind and gentle, not harsh.  We want to be tender, merciful and compassionate.  There is no situation that changes hitting from a wrong thing into a right thing.  There is no excuse that magically makes hurting children kind or merciful.


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I agree. I am always surprised by stories I hear from people who were spanked as children. On many occasions I have heard stories that involve being punished for drinking underage, smoking, or shoplifting. Then the person says "I turned out fine and was a well adjusted child despite being spanked." Did they really turn out so well adjusted if they were acting out like that? I was never spanked and I never felt the need to drink or smoke at a young age or steal from anyone. <br />
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Also I have NEVER understood the logic behind hitting a child because they hit someone first. What are they teaching them?

So if a burglar breaks into your house hitting him is also wrong?

You're comparing a two year old jumping up and down..TO A BURGLAR? Idiot.

apples and oranges

I am against also. But there is one type of spanking I am all for. But that is for another group. LOL.

I agree, if a parent is trying to teach their daughter to not hit their brother, but they go around and hit them for the punishment. It's completely miss-judged and can turn into abuse in the bl<x>ink of an eye. While I don't judge those who do use that form of punishment, I believe it's wrong.

Sorry, but spanking used in a calm and controlled manner helps children, it doesn't harm them. The sole purpose of punishment (spanking or other methods) is to teach children that improper behavior has adverse consequences. Every child needs to learn that life lesson, and have it continually reinforced, and for most children spanking is one of the most effective punishment methods.

I diagree, while inflicting pain, it hurts the child...and it drew me into a dark state of depression. It did not teach me anything, except my 'grandma' was a coward...

I agree