I honestly don't think people should even think about having a kid until they're at least 21. Like, you're gonna ruin your life if you have a baby at 14-17 years old. Even during your college years.
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Should is a derogatory word that conveys judgment and shame. I'm 26 my fiancee 43 we want to have a baby and people give as all sorts of reasons not to.

I think your situation is fine. You're both mature adults who can obviously make good decisions and raise a child properly :) age gaps like that shouldn't make a difference. Go for it. :)

I have to children and I'm 22 I first got pregnant at 17 I might have been young but it didn't ruin my life

You're one of the few that didn't then :)

I agree, it becomes a mental and financial situation that no one at that age is ready for, it also seems a little too young to consider having a kid with someone who you don't know if you can trust to support the child and yourself yet. There's a lot of conflicting factors that all get worked out by the time you're in your mid to late twenties