The Money Should Be Given to the Hard Working Public!!

I think the bailout is total BS.  Why give money to big wig business who have already proven the lack of mentality to budget money.  Frivilous spending is what got them into their position to start with, so why give them more money to blow.  That does NOT boost the economy!!  If they really wanted to boost the economy, that money would be divided between all hard working, tax paying citizens.  They would in turn, pay off mortgages (which is a whole nother subject, you don't want to get me started on)that would free up a lot of money for them to spend every month, buy new vehicles, buy electonics etc...  This would create jobs as well as help out the people who really need the money.  But this makes too much sense, so it will never happen.  (Yes I know there would be many who would blow the money.  That is their choice!  But when they loose their house and everything then it is totally on them.  They had the chance to better themselves.)

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4 Responses Feb 9, 2009

20K EACH to every verifiable TAXPAYER would have been better. <br />
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But we would have overlooked the poor illegal aliens (rolling eyes).

I completely agree. It is going to get a lot worse! It should never is have gotten to this point to start with.

When the bailout fails ... Congress will find someone else to blame. And need more money.<br />
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We have created a debtors prison in this country and mortgaged our children;s,and grand-children's futures.

When the bailout fails...and it will, what next? They will just rush to spend even more and when the Chinese stop buying our T-bills? The government will start printing money and hyper inflation will start.<br />
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Think it's bad now...hold on tight, it is going to get far worse.