They Don't Even Know What Is In the Bill

I have been watching the news all morning.  About every half hour a different member of congress is interviewed on the spendng bill.  Each of these so called leaders who are saying this bill is the only answer our country has is asked the same question about things in the bill.  The actual wording is read to them and guess what none of them have the same answer for what it is that is being read to them.

They are all clueless as to what they have voted for and don't even understand it themselves.

And I am suppose to be happy and believe they know what they are doing?

Grits4life Grits4life
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2 Responses Feb 11, 2009

they just annouced on the news that the comprimise bill between the senate and house should be ready by 3:00 this afternoon. WTF

They didn't even read the BILL! Personally, i don't think they ever do.<br />
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They don't know what is in it. And they don't care.<br />
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Spend. Spend. Spend. Payback contributors.