See How Much It Will Cost You

Below is a link to a website that has a Bailout Calculator on the home page for you to fill in.  This will give you a dollar amount on how much the bailout as it stands now will cost you.  Remember this is just the amount for the bailouts.  It does not include what we owe for the yearly federal budget.

Link to website


This is what my family will have to pay.

your family's portion of the bailout $110,396  

  • current income tax (estimated)  $14,100
  • additional tax each year     $7,111
  • tax increase      50%
  • total you will pay (over 30 years at 5% interest)   $213,34
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2 Responses Feb 22, 2009

The finamcial impost for every American as a result of the<br />
"bail out" as you call it,is nothing in comparison to the<br />
unrepayable National Debt,which is,as far as I am aware,between 60 to 70 $Trillion and increasing every day.This debt is the result of years of borrowing from private bankers,namely the Fedeiral Reserve,which is not a public institution as many American believe.It came<br />
into existence as a consequence of a former President<br />
Woodrow Wilson,signing the Federal Reserve Act,in violation of the Constitution.This gave the Federal Reserve (owned by private bankers),control over America's money supply,and also tax revenues,through<br />
the IRS.As an aside taxation in America is llegal,because<br />
it did not comply with constitutional requirements.<br />
Finally,successive generation of Americans because they chose to remain ignorant,and support the despotic political party system,are responsible for the National<br />
Debt.This unrepayable debt is owed to a cabal of financial psychopaths (who want to establish a One World Corporate Facist State),by every American,and the collateral securoity for this unrepayable debt is<br />
America and all its assets,public and rivate.However,you can be sure that Comrade Barack Obama,wiln not be<br />
afffected financially by the National Debt,because of his<br />

It will burden our children and grandchildren and place them in an untenable position in the future. <br />
<br />
Our best intentions has created a debtors prison.