OMG! AIG is being totally stupid! Why in the heck is our bailout money going towards their stupid butts?! They don't deserve it! People are getting laid off left and right, and for what?! Just for those idiots to get millions of dollars in raises? That is so much bull!

Also, about the whole bailout...why are we treating our country like a credit card?! Credit cards are part of the reason why our country is in this mess, so why are we supporting how they work (if that makes any sense)?! Obama is stealing from his own kids! Does he not realize that?!

Oh well. I'm 21, and there probably won't be any social security, but I don't care anymore. I will just save up now. I know that God will take care of me. Our old pastor prophesied that the economy will do a turnaround for 18 months (and it's starting to turn around right now a little bit), and then go back down and we'll never recover before the rapture. Luckily, I have God to depend on, and hopefully many of you are the same way.

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Oh man.............................LALALALALALALALALALA