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In some cases I believe that some disgusting people who commit such atrocities should not be allowed to carry on there lives. James bulger was a four year old boy that was taken from his pram in a shopping centre by two boys. He was mutilated, cut punched beaten, It was later revealed by one of the boys that they were planning to find a child to abduct, lead it to the busy road alongside the mall, and push it into car traffic.

They kicked him and hit him with bricks, stones and a 22-pound (10.0 kg) iron bar, They placed batteries in his mouth
Before they left him, the boys laid Bulger across the railway tracks and weighted his head down with rubble, in the hope that a train would hit him and make his death appear to be an accident. After Bulger's killers left the scene, his body was cut in half by a train.

Are you telling me that people like this deserve to live ?
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They should have got the death penalty, this was always the most upsetting case I ever heard about he was such an adorable little kid.

it works but it doesnt considering that everyone person that commits an atrocity increases the needed capacity of these prisons :/

You put them into cells in maximum security prisons. Their punishment is to spend the rest of their lives there, locked up, never again to be free, never again to know quiet, never again to know dignity.

yes but where do you put these people thats the thing :/

It does exist in some US states, not all. And there has been proof that innocent people have been put to death here. Life without parole is a better answer.

The death penaltyonly exists in asia and a few states of america if im corrct and possibly in rural europe :/

Hmm I suppose but to sink the dagger in further with this story one of the killers has been put in jail again for child *********** pictures, tobe honest I believe if people commit crimes these days prison is like a holidaay to them they may be moving into better conditions then they were in before, what is the answer when the prisons are full and we have nowhere else to put criminals

the story you put here is horrific, and I have no sympathy for anyone who would commit such a crime. Yet I still would hold that it is wrong to answer murder with murder. I do not choose to give my government the right of life and death over its citizens.

Yeah but they wouldnt do that plus theoretically there is not enough space in prisons already the death penalty culls the really mentally disturbed people and petty criminals rot in jail :')

Which is flat out insanity inducing. A toilet, a thin bed and maybe a fist-sized window. You get maybe one hour to walk in a circle in a stoned in courtyard in chains and then back to sit in the room. I dare anyone in here to shut out all or 99% of the lights, find a cold hard floor like a basement floor, and sit down there for one single day with basic food, water and no distraction. Now try it for a week, a month, decades, the rest of your conceivable life...there's no comparison most men would go stark-raving insane within the first few weeks. Most jails allow some distraction, books and such, but what's known as "the hole", the real solitary hell that prisoners **** their pants over just gives you time. So much you'll be begging to be put to death.

The reason these guys were let out was due to age I think...the criminal code says that people of certain ages are less culpable for their actions...if I give a 9 year old an uzi and he goes in and blows away 50 people in a restaurant he can't get more than (I think) 5 years in a youth detention center, then his record is expunged. It's an impossible situation because we can't judge maturity...I know 15 year old's who are colder, more calculating and intelligent than most 50 year old's and 50 year old's with the intellect of most 15 year the end it seems caution is the best option to me, since we can't be sure I'd rather keep 50 murderers alive than give one innocent the needle. Frankly, death would be a boon for someone forced to live in a little stone room for the rest of their lives...don't kill these guys, throw them in solitary for the rest of their existence...that's WAY, WAY more horrific than peacefully falling asleep and dying.

Human beings are capable of such atrocities - it is truly a soul-sickening vile story. While I agree that certain crimes (seem) to warrant the death penalty - cold blooded murder and child rape being among those crimes. What's the point of giving the state the ultimate power to murder it's own people when the system they inhabit is clearly so incompetent? Innocent people convicted of crimes they did not commit are bound to be (and have been) killed also. Bottom line for me is that violence only breeds more violence and the state is not worthy of trust. Further, I strongly believe no Karmic debt goes unpaid.

I dont know because the legal system is so stupid

Are you kidding me?!?! They let them go?!?! That's..there isn't a word for it, nothing is strong enough. How can they let them go?!?!

yes, the boys didnt even apologised and were set free with new identitys. Disgusting. Prison doesent scare people idt does nothing. Prison is for lesser crimes but murder and peodophilia is for death penalty.

As someone who is absolutely against the death penalty, I can honestly say, in this instance, no, those people do not deserve to remain alive. As long the the justice system knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have the right people in custody, then by all means the death penalty is the best option. But ONLY if they know they have the right people (a confession would be nice) and only in these types of heinous cases should the death penalty even be considered.

... Thats awful, how can people even begin to think about that? Let alone do it..