Playing God

I am against the death penalty. Why? Because this is PLAYING God. God has a plan and time for everyone. No need to interfere with his plans. Let the hands of God decide their fate. This is cruel punishment and inhuman. I'm not sticking up for all the mass murderers or sickos out there, because they will get theres. All will be dealt with properly in due time. I know they are sick and perverted and do not stand by any of their actions- ever! Two wrongs in this world have never made a right. WHO ARE YOU to take a life? Who?
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2 Australians were shot dead this morning in Indonesia ... my heart goes out to their families.

You are entitled to your opinion, but I know that there are some who need to leave this world, they are just to dangerous around our children and the people we want to protect. I have had the misfortune of looking into the eyes of some of these soul-less individuals, and I know that the only reason I am alive in at least one instance is because there were others who knew me and were around. Those individuals you cannot lock up and have any one who is to "care" for them while they are locked up be safe. The one, if I had the weapon and would have been able, I would have finished, not because I think I would be right for killing, but because I know that I would have stopped his killing again.

Well, they knew the death penalty existed in the state prior to them committing the crime. So, they could have murdered them in a state that does not use it or .......they could have just walked away. And the grand jury is the one that determined evidence existed for the death penalty , a public prosecutor had to ask for it and a Judge had to approve it and a jury of 12 had to convict them and then give them death. And they get 5,6 appeals over 20 years......that is a lot of people over a lot of years that think they should die.

*APPLAUDS YOU* Thank you Miss Allissa! I couldn't have said it better myself. And believe me, I've gotten into a many heated debate on this one! Murder is murder. "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind!"~ Ghandi

Justice systems are, necessarily, human decisionmaking processes. It is inevitable that human decisionmakers will make mistakes. Death is unlike any other punishment because it is irreversible. Someone wrongfully imprisoned can be, and they regularly are, freed and compensated for their time incarcerated. The justifications offered for the death penalty assume that the person being executed is guilty. There is no justice system which can be constructed that can say that with absolute certainly. When the State executes the wrong person, which does happen, the State and all of us on whose behalf the State purports to act become murderers; even under the Biblical standard urged above. Executing the wrong person does nothing to deter the actual killer.

My problem with the death penalty is that you can't unkill someone should they later be proven to be innocent. I think that the American justice system has the potential to be the best in the world but sadly it is only as just as the hearts of those weilding it's authority. Unfortunately many of those entrusted with the administration of 'justice for all' are in reality far more concerned with the advancment of their careers than with the rights of innocent people to live their lives. I don't concern myself much at all with whether or not a murderer is happy living in a cement box. I really don't think that providing them a place to lay their head and three squares a day without the need for them to hold down a pesky job is inhuman at all. There are many people struggling every day to do for themselves who live with less.

I agree with you. They made there own beds.

Actually, I think that the far worse punishment is to HAVE to live with yourself... in prison.

but if you are a lifelong sociopath, you don't have the ability or the self respect to pass judgement on yourself. Or their harm towards others.

I agree. There is too much emphasis on the criminal and their 'reform'. What kind of reform is necessary for a 30 or 40 year old man to know it is wrong to rape women and stick guns in the faces of strangers ? More emphasis should be placed on the victims not the criminals. A man commits a crime and they think he should be pitied because he had a rough childhood, then they give him a free college education and psychiatric counseling in prison. If a women is raped, they tell her it's 'too bad' and embarrass her during the trial and she spends the rest of her life looking over her shoulder. They don't do anything for her. The system needs fixing.

Laws are certainly needed. As humanely as possible.

I think I lost your train of thought when you said "goverment needs to stay out of this".<br />
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So... goverment doesn't take any part in judging criminals? What about laws, are they not needed?