I Am Against The Death Penalty But I Understand It!

Its funny for the first time ever I watched Superman, the smallville series and it got me thinking. Seems ridiculous i know. Even though he is a fictional character his words made me think. preserve life at all costs! You see superman got into a tricky situation, to say the least and found himself face to face with a villain that murdered and tortured people and even killed one of his best friends. For the first time he really thought that killing him might be his only option. But he found a way to stop him as always. You see killing him would have been the easier option but yet he risked his own life to ensure the preservation of a life that even I thought was not worth anything. So anyway some people from the future were there and asked him why didn't u kill him, he's scum etc. and he said something that changed my view on this subject completely. If I killed him well then what seperates me from him. what makes him the killer and me the hero. what makes us different i kill for good and he kills for evil reasons. Is there a massive difference. i believe he is right. If we kill these people how are we any better. taking someones life no matter the situation is still taking someones life.  In saying that I think a life sentence should be a life sentence. where i'm from its 11 years. most are out by six. I think thats what we have to work towards.
landocruiser landocruiser
22-25, M
Jul 11, 2010