It's All About The Money, Baby

Before blaming the current system for anything I would like to describe an utopia.

The government and legal system exist for one purpose only: to ensure the rights of the people they serve. This, of course, includes the criminals. Unfortunately those who have committed serious crimes such as murder, rape or child molestation cannot always live normal lives among the rest of the people, due to risk of tragedies recurring. Instead, they continue their lives in monitored and controlled facilities, prisons. The reasons of committing the crime will be solved thoroughly, not only by the police but a therapist as well. The main principle is that normal, mentally healthy people do not do such things. Prisoners will not be given an exact time they are supposed to spend in prison beforehand, but they are let free when they are considered healthy, or their issues are otherwise solved.

In other words, after any proven crime the criminal goes to jail. The true trial is whether they are let out or not.

The question about death penalty becomes topical with those prisoners who seemly cannot be cured, and would be forced to live rest of their lives in isolation. In these cases, the possibility of dying may be appealing to some people. Practically this means legalizing euthanasia.

Now, to the current state of the world. My utopia wasn't too detailed, and had without a doubt many weak points. Even so, please pay attention to the main idea, even if it's transmitted poorly. There is no mention of what the criminals deserve or don't deserve. The goal, the ideal situation, is that everyone will live on their lives as normally as possible. Torture or death benefit no one, idea of 'revenge' has no point.
If the death sentence would be cheaper than paying their lives in prison, I would understand this way of taking care of major cases. The ideals and reality don't always come across, and then the ideal have to flex. Money is the only reason I can accept for killing.

There are many countries where death penalty doesn't exist anymore. It's not impossible, just a question about order of importance.
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Really, is that true? *looks it up* it is!<br />
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I apologize, and I have to admit something like that doesn't completely fit in my small brain. Ah, well, one more reson less to kill them off. I wonder how the process goes in other places than USA...<br />
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Thank you for pointing that out. I fix some details in that story, so it doesn't irritate anymore people who know more than me about the subject. :P