It Is Not Murder They Forfit Their Life...

I know what I am going to say does not fit the site...I whole heartedly support this form of punishment... It is not murder.  There is a point that criminals get to where they have forfeited their lives.

I agree with Texas.   If a person commits a crime such as murder in the presence of three reliable witnesses then when the time comes that person goes to the head of the line when it comes time to render the verdict.  To put it bluntly when it come time to end his life...mark his file rehabilitated...put his lights out... or any other way that you might want to say it.

It is not is justice... God said render unto Cesar what is Cesar's,  and he also said "An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.   Man is responsible to man and God is responsible for his soul.  And the commandment that you are trying to use in this case is not "Thou shall not kill"   It is "Thou shall not commit murder"  If the taking of a life is justifiable under the law, then it is not is justice.

Remember one thing that;  that person??? will never commit another crime after the verdict is carried out.    The true and final rehabilitation. Don't you think...

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Yea Bit....The Dark ones........But I am talking about the ones with a Dark soul.......Does not matter what the skin tone is.....<br />
<br />
Someone like saaaayyyy....Ohhhhh....Charlie Manson.....Dommer....<br />
<br />
you know....the ones with the real dark souls.......That pollute the air simply by breathing it

Ah, so you're in favor of only killing SOME killers.<br />
Like say, the dark ones?

I never said that it should be used each and every time...I would say that she had a very bad lawyer in that case. But I think that she should have gotten of on Mental defect, or temperary insanity....No time served or at the most two years for manslauter...But I think that at times it should be used.

How about this scenario?<br />
<br />
A woman snaps after 10 years of horrendous abuse from her husband. She lives in Texas, and in front of a family gathering, after being taunted by her husband for being worthless she takes a gun and shoots her husband dead. She then sits down and waits for the law to arrive, pleads guilty at trial, and gets a mandatory life sentence. There is no threat of her re-offending, she killed the only person in the world she wanted to kill. Threestrikes and Singer would have her executed. Is that justice?

I have always tried to at least take a peek at the other side....You never know when it just might make sence and a mind change is in order....:)

Threestrikes, my previous comment regarding lawyers was just a general statement. I promise in future to leave your name out of it :-D

Thanks for the clarification singer! Was just a wee bit confused.<br />
<br />
I have no desire to change your mind - we may have different opinions but there's nothing wrong with that. I promise - no bashing here from me :-D

It is always best to jump groups to get inteligent confabs on issues...How else are you given the opportunity to change my mind....Or I change yours...As long as you are not bashing [people over the heads I find nothing wrong with posting on other sites...As long as you stay on your own post...And do not invade others posts, what is the ham???

Singer, sorry to intrude but why are you in this group if you do agree with the death penalty to some extent?<br />
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Threestrikes, not all lawyers are ******** - I should know as my dad used to be one. Admittedly not a court lawyer but that's beside the point - he was still a lawyer.

Yes it always amazes me that so few like that have the guts to commit suicude....Even if it was suicide by cop at least they would have gone in a blaze of glory

Here...Here Threestrikes I love the way that you think

When it is needed to be done to protect the innocent. I do not think that this should be the first thing to be done....but only as a last resort...

Play that one again Sam

I to was prepaired to give my life...or take one if it came to that...I served in the army in 79...when the embassy was taken my entire company, infact the post wanted to go and get our men back...but I is not vengence if the person is found guilty under the law...and to even have the adasity to compair a execution of a murderer of inocent people to what Hitler did then I feel deeply for you...We do not use this form of punishment willynilly, but only as a last resort. What of the victums that were killed by the matter what happens they are still dead, if for no other reason than someone wanted five far as you activity in the war if you consider what you did there as murder then I might reccomend that you see some one to insure that you are not suffering from PTSD.<br />
I will admit that some, and I stress some of those fighting have went over board and crossed the line into murder...and I hope that those whom have done this be found and convicted...for our military does not commit murder..They protect and defend.<br />
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Vertue in Justice

To take a life is never justice...only revenge. The "lex talonis" you quote (eye for eye...) was the relegiously imposed limit of revenge,not justice. One could not take more than an eye for an eye,etc. As to this punishment being legal...may I suggest that you look at the differences between legal and lawful?<br />
Forfieture of ones life?? By whose criteria? Yours? Texas'? Pardon me but I recall that many people "forfieted" their lives,according to Hitler,for any number of "legal" reasons. Circular logic is comforting to those who choose to follow the lead of others. I do not seek comfort but truth.<br />
As an aside: Have you ever killed anyone? I have,in a "legal" activity - war. It isn't anything but murder...doesn't matter what you call it or how you try to dignify it - it is murder.