I Can Understand

For the people who love someone and have them tortured, raped, and murdered must be the most painful experience alive. Having to see that "pile of scum" look at you in the eyes at the process is even harder.
But, then what?
I've heard that many of the families are relieved for a short while but then still mourn and never get over it. Whether or not that person died doesn't really make a difference in the end. He was going to die eventually wasn't he? You're not adding any kind of real punishment.
He didn't have to be in jail for life but he will, and that is a real punishment but he was going to die. You're not really "adding anything". some people would rather die than go to jail so in some cases you might do him/her a favor.
Digging two graves doesn't bring one person back from the dead over the other. It's not a trade.
I mean I don't like the idea of killing people but you can NEVER kill to bring justice or peace(?).

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1 Response May 23, 2012

I am basically against the death penalty. There are exceptions! In cases of murder where drugs are involved or acts of anger and rage or jealousy I am totally against it. People can change. The drugs will wear off, the anger and rage are temporary. People should not be killed for momentary lapses of judgement... even if they are severe. However, sometimes the death penalty is needed.<br />
Ted Bundy needed to die. He killed over and over and over... you have to say that at least 35 times....over and over and over.. try saying it 35 times and remember that each "over" is the life of a beautiful young lady. He had no remorse. He was evil. If he hadn't been executed he would have found a way to kill more people because that is what he did. He escaped jail twice. He had chances to start his life over. He was intelligent. He chose to rape and murder and he enjoyed it. It was his hobby. <br />
I can say this because I barely escaped him. He thought he killed me. I know first hand what it is like to have had him glare at me and say "I am going to kill you." I felt his hands on my throat. I smelled his breath. I tasted my own blood. Those memories are with me always. The death penalty was the only way he could have been stopped.