Why should we murder a murderer when we don't approve of the action in the first place? For every other crime like rape, are you kidding me. It's not worth a/another life. How do you find the humanity in yourself to kill anyone???
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very good logic!!

it's because if we arrest them, they are some day going to get out of prison, or someone could bail them out or something. but if they go into the gas chamber or take the drugs, they will die and that's one less person in the world that we have to worry about :) it's fair too. that way, if you are wanting to kill someone for some silly reason, then you have to think 'if I get cot, I'm going to have to pay the concinqences and take the death penalty. there for, most of the time, people just say, ah it's not worth it. but, if you live where I do and there is not death penalty, there has already been 10 murders this year. 1 being a little girl, stabbed to death. and there has been 10-15 break and enters in my area this year. so, if we had the death penalty her BOOM💥 noting else to worry about. and yeah

A large number of people derive some gratification from killing, and I don't mean just the people we label murderers and terrorists. Ritual killing by the state allows the mainstream to get their vicarious gratification.

I wonder if your stand will not change if the victim is a close friend, relative or a loved of yours? 'coz if someone rapes and murders my love one, I will demand a death penalty or I will execute it myself.

The laws were originally justified by reference to the Old Testament scriptures written over 2000 years ago. (Matthew 5:38, Leviticus 24:20 Deuteronomy 19:21)
And some countries and states still keep them.
I hope that you are right, and that it might be time to update our rules.

this world is comprised of hypocrites.