This War Has Been Going 10 Years Now - Can We Afford It ?

Hi there, sorry to be political -

In the U.K. we are facing serious spending cuts, and I believe a lot of other countries are too ? I was completely against the Iraq War from the outset, and many others agreed. Now that the War in Afghanistan has been rumbling on for so long, I think we all need to look at that, too.

What do you think ? To start the ball rolling, I have written this letter to some newspapers in the U.K. There is a March in London, on 20 November 2010 at 12.00 noon, from famous "Speaker's Corner" at Hyde Park. "Afghanistan - Time To Go ?

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Any thoughts much appreciated. If you agree, will you do something to find out more, raise support, contact your friends ... ?

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[ letter written to U.K. newspapers ]

Dear Letters Editor -

Some of us relatively non-political souls made our very first foray into street demonstrations when the appalling Iraq War decision left us no alternative. As it happens, we numbered millions. Even the U.K. Labour Party Leader now concedes that we were right, and politicians were wrong. We eventually saw sense and pulled out, and are holding the obligatory, expensive, Iraq War Inquiry to "learn from our mistakes."

Now the war in Afghanistan is entering its 10th year. The message is exactly the same, and just as obvious to many. Possibly military force, in the right context, can sometimes succeed in achieving a clear and short-term objective - all other avenues having been exhausted. But Afghanistan was never the right context ; and the objective remains unclear, even now.

Any objective observer of Afghanistan can see we are witnessing another Iraq. Or Vietnam ?

We can never 'win' in Afghanistan. Indeed, it is far from clear what 'winning' would even mean. The holders of extreme religious-based views are never going to be persuaded by force of arms. Far from eradicating terrorism, supporters are merely encouraged. Even the former Head of MI5 has stated (to the Inquiry) that Iraq did not reduce, but increased, the threat of terrorism in the U.K.

President Obama's 'recruiting sergeant for the Taliban' is not some misguided preacher in the USA. It is the daily opportunity presented to extremists by the NATO Forces - come and fight us.

How many more years of wasting our brave Forces' lives, and expertise, will it take before even politicians see the obvious, again ? Another 10 ? Shall we book the conference facilities for the 'Afghanistan Inquiry' now ?

Sanity, please.

Cheers T.C.
TonyCantlay TonyCantlay
56-60, M
4 Responses Oct 15, 2010

It is time we left Afganistan. They do not want us in their country. The expense of keeping on with this war is crippling, both monetarily and in the waste of lives. After all, bin Laden is dead. He was the reason we went there in the first place. Now it is time to leave that country. Those are my reasons comprised in a small readable forum.

If you compare Afghanistan to Vietnam, you obviously know very little about Afghanistan.

So-called War on Terror is disastrously misguided. <br />
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We must talk to so-called "terrorists", not adopt their own methods of violence. They make a point, and we should try to understand. This leads to political solutions. War never does.<br />
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In the U.K. we had a longstanding problem in Ireland, which decades of Troops failed to solve. We now have a somewhat fragile peace, thanks to brave American mediator Senator George Mitchell, currently on similar misiion to Middlle East.<br />
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I have certainly never served in the Services, and would absolutely not do so even if ordered.<br />
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My ex wife was R.A.F. Officer, and we used to go annually to a London event to watch the skills of the military. Entertaining spectacle. Very brave men. But used wrongly.<br />
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Will add my own. Today we have yet more evidence of illegal military brutality, by U.K. and U.S. troops, this time in Iraq.<br />
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When will we learn that war is always catastrophic, and inhuman ? Soldiers may be fine brave people whose protection we sometimes need. But the training required for this impossibly stressful job, hardens character, eliminates questioning of morality, to unacceptable extent ?<br />
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