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For six years, Geo. Bush has acted with impunity with regard to twisting US law to fit his agenda.  We have had our phones tapped, our e-mails monitored and our churches, temples and mosques infiltrated. Freedom of speech has been compromised, and there is no such thing as habeus corpus anymore, a cornerstone of American Justice since the beginning. Now, if you are suspected, you do not get an attorney, you are locked away with no word to your family, friends or employer.

All of these are made possible by Bush's abuse of a little-used device known as a "signing statement".  In short, it is a way for a president to violate a standing law on a one-time exception basis.  All presidents have used signing statements, but judiciously.  Bush has made them routine, and his presidency has been woven together by literally hundreds of these statements.

The Constitution provides for a balance of powers. In a sane world, the senate and congress (legislative branch) is supposed to exercise oversight on the president (executive branch).  If the legislative branch allows the executive branch to do illegal things, the supreme court (judicial branch) is expected to exercise oversight on the legislative and executive branches.  That has not happened in the past six years.

Republicans have held a majority in congress since 1994, and the first election Bush was in was 2000.  He was not elected, but due to voting irregularities, the election was in dispute.  According to the Constitution, contested elections are to be resolved by congress.  They were not inclined to do their duty, and the supreme court, long conservative and favoring Republicans, "appointed" Bush president.  This is not provided for in the constitution anywehre, not in the body or the 27 amendments.  He served that first term illegally.

Last year, 2006, the voting public sent a mandate to the Capitol, giving majorities to the Democrats. Today was the first day of the first session of the 110th congress, and the democrats are making large strides to reform and undo 12 years of republican abuse.  We must let them know that we want our country back to the constitutional balance that always should have been.

As if to tweak our noses, in a flagrant, Hitler-esque trannical move, once again abusing signing order power, Tony Snow, white house spokesperson, announced that President Bush had signed an order allowing the US law enforcement agencies to open fist class mail without a warrant.  This was done on Friday,  December 29th, but not released until the new congress was sworn into office today.

He is obviously setting the tone, and attempting to make his method of 'rule' legitimate, regardless of control of congress.  Now is the time to urge our government to do their jobs and restore our freedoms back to us.  Checks and balances must be jump started.  The President of the United States must be called to do his job, and to do it legally.  In a perfect world, people would be held to account for the userpation of our nation's liberties over the past six years, but moving forward and not tolerating new misdeeds is the most realistic goal we can hope for.

It is time our voices were heard, as it is almost too late.
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It is VERY frustrating, I know, but the best we can do is to vote. The Bushies stole the election of 2000 for sure, and maybe even 2004, but eventually, if enough people "get it", it will be clear that the fix is in when two-thirds of us vote "A" and "B" still happens. Then, there might be enough mass anger that something will happen. The longer this takes to happen, the more drastic that "something" will be.

What can we do? It seems all three branches of government are locked in step and covering for each other.