Never Again...

I hate violence...and have been the victim of domestic violence many more times than once.  My first husband tried to throw me down  a flight of stairs when i was pregnant with my youngest son...and banged my head against a tile floor when i was pregnant with the daughter i later lost to stillbirth.

By far, the most violence was commited by a man with whom i lived for  two years.  He would fly off the handle at the drop of a hat..and you could never tell what would set him off.  Once i called him a son of a ***** and he beat me because he said i had called his mom a  *****...illogical things like that.  He never broke a bone, but i wore bruises to work so often that if i got hurt in another way, my boss and coworkers always thought i was lying to protect him.

I refuse to be submissive to any man...i've ******* had my share, thank you very much!!!

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Thank you so much for your support and your comment...

Thank you! Yeah...violence is for the birds!! Never again for this girl!<br />
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