I Have Earned My First Block Today, I Wear It As A Badge Of Honor.

chedington1, I am not trying smear you but with using your name maybe I will get you attention and have you comment on this story. First thing i must say is: isn't it kinda mean to call people names for disagreeing with you? I have differing views with many but i would never call someone a "dreck" or "stupid piece of crap' for having views opposite of mine. Secondly, I would not block someone for expressing their views on my stories, a little childish isn't it? Also as for my "terrorist tactics" the worst I have done is change the views of people who want to turn Gaza into a parking lot. It matters not if I know the meaning of genocide or not(i do, gosh i love Google) but this man surly does:

TheAZmadman TheAZmadman
Jan 21, 2013