It's Not As Bad Now..........

~ When I lived in Toronto it was 10x worse. I believe that was a direct result of one of my abusers living in the same neighbourhood. Got to the point where I was terrified to go anywhere. I am still terrified, but I can at least go places now without having a major panic attack. I still can't go out on my own. My mom or my grandparents have to be around, either beside me (on really bad days), or at least in the same store. It's not a fun way to live, but it's comfortable for me, until I get lonely anyway. Heehee! It makes meeting people a bit difficult, but then I'm related to pretty much everybody down here anyway, so what can I do? It's ok, I'm learning to live despite what I can't seem to do. My life really isn't that bad, & if it keeps me feeling content, then I can live with the loneliness. Especially now that I have EP & all my friends here................. So if ya all ever want to meet me, just come on down to Nova Scotia, & I'll be sure to get my grandfather to drive into town to meet ya. ;-]


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Mar 23, 2009