I'm 13 Going On 14 & I Know I'm Bi-sexual

Hello World.
My name is Alice Bell.
I'm 13 almost 14 (1 month 17 days!). I've known for awhile that I'm bi-sexual. It's not  just a fad for me. I genuinely like girls as much as I like guys.
I noticed these feelings when I was in 6th an 7th grade. I would notice guys, but then I started noticing girls too. First I didn't think it was right and just pushed it out of my mind. As much as I pushed and pushed, the feelings kept crawling back. Although I like boys, girls just seemed to always catch my eye as well.
At one point in the seventh grade I was hanging out with my friend Sofia. We decided we should have a sleep over. We were talking about guys, then slowly migrated to girls. We talked about their bodies and such. We didn't say anything to each but we both sort of knew what was going on. She got a little closer and kissed me. It felt great. As good as a kiss from a guy would be. I've like guys and dated guys and the ones I really liked, their kisses felt just like this one. It was amazing. Sofia leaned back and smiled.
I'd always liked Sofia, she was a great friend, cute. The feelings never really rose exactly until this day. We dated for awhile after that. She broke up with me after 3 months.
So it's true.
I like boys and girls.
Nothing wrong with that.
I just wanted to get it out.
Thank you <3
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I need a gf i Am about your age turning 14 so do you need a gf??

I understand I looking for someone too :)

Iv had these feelings and I need a gf

your pretty hot im bi.

Nothing wrong with what you feel babe! I'm doing stuff with girls since I was really young, then started with boys... and still looooooove both! It's just the best!

I'm 14 and feel the same way:) I had a relationship with a girl once too:) add me if you would like to chat

Lol my names Sofia. I wish I had good friends like that. I'm 13 and bisexual too

Hey add me I would love to chat

heyy im 12 and im a lesbian add me on skype anastasia.suliman1