It's Not Easy.

Being a teenage lesbian is not too easy. I'm only 15 years old, and people my age don't know what to say or do about it. There are only a few other gays/lesbians out at my school and we constantly get called names and are treated unfairly. I would like to talk to some other teens about it and maybe we could become friends. If you send me a message, I will reply :)
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be strong and be what you are... things will be good

You have to be be true to yourself.

Hey im not gay but i can be a freind or some one to talk to
i know what its like to get called names im a biosexual

Hi Smiley,

I'm still afraid to come out :)

Hi I am not gay but ik how it is getting called names I will give u an isntence I got called sweek becaus I am going thro thos changes and I am 14

aww :( would you like to message me? we can talk

It's always hard, isn't it? But you will love who you will love. I learned that one the hard way. <3

I'm bi

my mother is lesbian and ive told my friends at school now i get bullied one of my friends is bi and he doesnt want anyone to know becuz it really does hurt him. he knows how mean people r. i am not myself lesbian, but i have an idea to how mean people can truly be just becuz people rnt like them as my mother tells me. im happy ur speaking out maybe if more people werent so afraid of rejection it may b not that big of deal to people