Anyone Want To Talk.

heya. I'm maddie, I'm thirteen and I'm a lesbien, as you might have guessed. I just, was wondering if anyone wanted to talk?... I don't have any homosexual friends, so i don't really have anyone to talk to about stuff. I was just wondering, if anyone was intrested... message me?... or email me if you'd rater (

thanks :)x
Gleestar Gleestar
13-15, F
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Hello I'm nervous because I think I'm turning to become a lesbian. I need help

hey i'll chat I'm 13 too and bisexual

Hi Gleestar,

I am a 15 y.o. lesbian, named Michelle, living in Germany. I know what you are talking about. Other Girls in my school often give me names because I am different from their sight. I am not interested in boys.
I stay with my mom and bro, my dad is gone 7 years ago and i missed him very much.
My hobbies are sports: horsebackriding, swimming and running.

Would like to get into contact with you....if you are interested

Kisses Michelle

Hi <br />
I'm Jamesa and you can inbox me anytime

Message me anytime nd i get to u asap than we can chat

Hey I'll chat add me