I Need A Relationship

Im 13 and my name is Arianna. I go to a christian school so its hard to find friends since they know. Now they dont even talk to me. When I see a couple it makes my heart break. I feel like...no one loves or likes me. I need a gf to make me feel comfortable.
Yourhikari13 Yourhikari13
13-15, F
8 Responses Jun 20, 2012

I like you if you mined someone talk to or need a girlfriend I'm single and 13

hey my name is molliee im 13 so message me or email :)

Hi x
I'm 15 and never had a girlfriend :1 I joined this site mainly to find a girl x my name is Chloe x
Add or message me if you would like to talk :)

my name is minkis im lookon for a gf if yur intrested jst call or txt me at 602-910-8979

Hi I'm 14 I also go to a Christian school and would love to talk to you.

I agree with the others :) I'm 13 and you can message me if you want. I promise I won't be like those big mean faces xp

there horrible people, i like you =)

Hi,my is Charnese n im 13 email me:D