I Need A Girlfriend

Hello world, well I'm 13 and im a lesbian, straight out. No body in my family knows but all my friends know and they all don't talk to me anymore I feel like such a freak and unloved, I wish I had another girlfriend so I can feel loved
Alyssa013 Alyssa013
18-21, F
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id talk :) if you want :D

Hey do you have kik? :) I'm 13 too. Or Skype. ?

Hey i can be your gf if you want to...

please be my gf. where do you live and how old are you. i liked you very much

hi Babe,iam too lesbian but aged woman.I like to chat with you and have a fun

Me too im boy

ill be yur girlfriend im seekin one to txt me at 6029108979

Hi Alyssa013 my name is Kye and id like to talk and hang out with you if you want to.

Sure (:


Alrighty cool


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Message me? XXX =)

Hey what's up

Nothing you?


Pm me

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message me xxx

Hey what's up


I will be your girlfriend :)


Well if i get to know you :)

If they dont accept uu for who uu are than they wasn't really ur frann... and tell ur family they kno.. they juss want uu too come clean with them.. and juss know ur girlfriend will come soon someone who will make uu feel loved and someone that want judge uu... keep your head up **