Crossy Story

I am a male to female Crossdresser, love being a girl.. . I love being & dressing like a girl, especially an Indian girl. I respect girls & woman but just love to crossdress sometimes. Sexually. I am here to make similar friends to share my feminine feelings. . Those who are tg, ts, shemales, girls & women or CD can only add me.Others just stay away.


I feel am born in a wrong body. Since childhood have a fantasy to be a girl and had tried my sis n mom dresses no. of times. After completing my education get a full chance to live out my likings n fantasies!!


I am a male to female crossdresser now living in Kolkata. Tried to match as close as possible to be a girl but need some perfection from a female. Thats what you call it female touch. I love Sarees n Suits. I wanna be a housewife. Dressed up whole day as a beautiful female. I wish if I can do that and live ma life as a girl.


When am dressed as a girl, my feelings and sensations are of a female only. Can do anything that a female do. I am not interested in guys, however, when am dressed dont mind getting involved with a guy if he can give me pleasure to be a woman in me.


Being dressed up become very submissive and behave like a sissy. I wanna be dominated by a female and she can use me as her maid. I would love that. I want that females should rule the world making us like sissy maids. If any female is interested please contact me, would do whatever she say!!


CD Sisters if you wanna plan a session with me you are most welcome, however, you have to bring some stuff along with you so that we can exchange our stuff and enjoy more. I stay all alone so not a problem on any weekend!!


Lets live out our fantasies and enjoy our feminine side to full!!


Salma1982 Salma1982
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Hi, I am from Kolkata, Salt lake, Age 40, interested in making CD friends.

i need cd frnd to dress with me, I luv female dress, Me salt lake sec 5 kolkata , plz come

Even I


hi. i am CD from kolkata. I also like to hang out for 1 day in city with same minded person with saree, blouse, bangles etc..

sms me on 7890250979

hi salma i m u giimme ur no

i am from kolkata.

hi salma m rohit i would like to join you dressing wpmen's clothes i always try my mom's clothes wnvr she goes out of the house it wolud be a pleasure if i can spnd 1 day wearing girl's clothes tell me how can i contact you my contact num is 9769864928