Rabbi's Daughter?

I was born Jewish. As was my mother and my grandmother. My grandma has survived two different concentration camps. She has had five children but as they grew up, she didn't want to teach them much about Judaism because she blamed God for the Holocaust.

When I was six, my mom decided that she not only wanted to learn more about Judaism, but she wanted to become a rabbi. She went to Israel for a year. And studied at Hebrew Union College in Ohio for four years. By the time she came home, I was eleven and very very distant from my mom. It took a lot of talking to forgive her for leaving to study, but I did.

My dad was born Methodist and converted to Judaism, but being the husband of a rabbi doesn't mean he has to believe. He is more agnostic than anything else.

I love both my parents and they love eachother. I don't know what I believe, or even that I believe. I love learning about all kinds of religions, I find it fascinating.
neonlethargy neonlethargy
18-21, F
May 26, 2007