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Who the hell knows what lies in the heavens?  Surely no one, we can only guess.
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I totally agree. I've had several long arguments here on EP and it seems like all of them come down to semantics, not actual opinions. We've argued and argued and then I realize we are not arguing the same subject cause we have different definitions or viewpoints of the same idea or thing.

I think that sometimes, language really can limit your perception of something. Personally- Belief is a convenient way to explain that i feel strongly about something. "God" is an abstract that fits into many categorizations, since i tend to think all gods are one. When i Think of good and evil, i more think of the positive and negative ways things influence me and others, rather than on a global scale... but... there really aren't words for any of that. <br />
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In so many religious debates, i see more arguments about the language used than the heart behind the message. <br />
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and who knows maybe its supposed to be like that, some things just cannot be shared.

Very true...I find it important to have individual beliefs but I have a problem when people think they are RIGHT in their beliefs. The only thing that I really believe is that a single person couldn't drink all the water in the ocean. There's a few other solid things I believe but hey, all that's solid melts into air.<br />
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Couldn't agree more...I've said time and time again that heaven and hell are right here and that all humans experience both to some degree. I do think some people get more of one group than the other. Some people are screwed from the beginning, being born in Darfur or a similar situation, while some people seem to live pretty happy and stable lives. <BR><BR>I've had this dicussion with a strictly Buddhist friend and she says that those who suffer have been reincarnated to pay for past indiscretions. I tend to think that's a cop out and a denial of real pain here on earth. What she's saying could very well be true but at the same time that kind of thought lacks compassion. <BR><BR>She was making the argument that all people create their own reality and we all can "find our higher selves" etc. I was arguing that people born into miserable conditions, with horribly abusive parents, or born in a region of extreme poverty, could not possibly have the opportunity to find their higher selves. My argument is that whole "create your own reality" thing is for people who live in relative comfort...they have pre-existing conditions that allow them to think about such things. <BR><BR>When I asked her about these miserable people all she would say is that they are reincarnated and receiving what they deserve. There was no compassion in her voice, only the desire to justify her own BELIEF (there's that dirty word again). <BR><BR>Of course I'm stating my own damn BELIEFS right here and now so of course I'm a total hypocrite. But I find compassion to be front and center in Buddhism, for me at least, rather than using it to justify one's own beliefs.

I can't blame you at all for that. I don't even really like the word beliefs. Idea or theory is better cause a belief means that your sold on one particular idea.

Who wants to know what lay in the heavens... isn't the surprise half the fun?? :-D Maybe its just me. I'm content with having a good idea- leave the beliefs to other people.

Thank you :)

Well it got it noticed by me and I enjoyed the cleverness and wit!

Well I was "tongue in cheek" patting myself on the back. I comment on my own stories when no one else does :)

You are right RA that WAS a brilliant line.....have a pat on the back...v clever and I agree entirely.

Well it's about me being an agnostic, not knowing if there really is a heaven or not, who the hell knows?

Hahaha I think its awesome. I have things I would say about heaven but it would just sound corny to others . Unless I missed entirely what this story was about , ha.

I can't believe no one noticed the artistic merit of this story, I mean come on, "Who the hell knows what lies in the heavens?" That is just absolute sublime brilliance at it's best.