Sometimes It's Difficult

There are times when I REALLY want to believe God exists with certainty; for instance a good friend of mine past away after a long battle with a very painful disease, all I could think about was: I really hope there's a God up there who'd embrace her and let her go to heaven! But alas the uncertainty made the grieving period much worse!
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4 Responses Jul 17, 2010

Well, I have also lost people that were close to me. However, I hope that there is not a biblical heaven. Just to talk about it produces drama. Plus living an eternity in a place with an authoritarian ruler with "perfect", strict laws must be very disturbing. I say that you let them go for there is not anything else you can do for them.

Arkomo like Voltianqueen I believe there is probably an after life. <br />
This is due largely to some experiences I've had since my father died & also from things which I discovered through a late freind who was a cancer suffere & had a near death experience<br />
I don't think the absence of God would prevent your freind from being embraced & loved & welcomed into another world.<br />
It's begining to feel to me as if the uncertainties have been put here for a reason. Maybe we shoud try to turn them into a positive thing & take the time to embrace each other more while we are here?

I know this exactly, Arkomo! When my grandfather passed way in 2006, a random lady in the hospital lobby saw me crying. She came over, asked who we had lost, and then hugged me and told me not to worry because my grandfather was now with Jesus Christ in Heaven. I was going through a period of...skepticism at the time, so when she told me that I certainly felt odd. Was he really with Jesus?<br />
However, I do believe in an afterlife due to some experiences with my grandfather after his death.

it's nice when you know or believe GOD is becomes so much more and death you fear so much less.