I Don't Have The Mentality

I've never really had an religious education. Not that I've not been shown parts of the Bible or read them myself.
My paternal grandparents are devout Catholics but they've never forced it upon any of us. My most consistent memories of church are of being very bored, and looking after my little brother because I didn't want to sit and listen to the sermon.

Its not that I don't want to believe. I've picked up a few prayers over the years and am happy to recount them when I'm doing something potentially lethal. Like skydiving or bungee jumping. But I don't believe there is a conscious prescence looking after us all.
I am respectful of peoples beliefs but I hate blind faith. I have more respect for people who can justify their beliefs. People like that might convert me.

My beliefs are based on the fact that I don't think this is all here by accident. But if a deity exists then it is too vast for us to comprehend. Why would we be a chosen people? The evidence to suggest otherwise is simply too much. The Universe is too vast for us to comprehend so why would we be able to define what created it.

I can respect organised religion but I do not like it. I dislike the way they all tell us to behave. Tell us to act. Organised religion is responsible for some of the worst atrocities in history.
Fanatiscm and fundamentalism have been bred from religion. And religion, all religion is hippocritical.
The Bible was not faxed to earth from heaven, neither was the Torah or the Qur'an (apologies for spelling). There is no word of God, simply because how the hell would we ever have heard it.

I want to believe but in my opinion lack the nessecary faith. Science has proven to me that certain things preached by religion are not true.
I believe that if God or Gods they are beings of consciousness that are simply to big for us to understand. Like Ants to a human. They may take an interest and do certain things but we are too small for them to ever be constantly interested.
AgeonAngel AgeonAngel
Jul 19, 2010