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This may seem like a rather foreign concept. Actually, I joined this group and the Christian group.

I am a Christian (somewhat). In all my searching for truth and knowledge, I have kept Christianity, but I have realized that we all don't know whether God exists. So, I am Christian agnostic.
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The concept of an Agnostic Christian is a contradiction in terms.But I'm inclined to think ErosPhiliaAgape's sprituality is a project in the making & would encourage him to explore different teachings & work things out for himself<br />
Although Chalas is correct in so far as mainstream Catholic,Orthodox & Protestant Groups all accept the Triity it wasn't declared an established Christian doctorine until AD 325.<br />
I believe throughout Christian History there have always been a minority of non-trinitarian Christian dissentors from early Gnostics to the Cathars right through to modern day Oneness Pentecostalists but over the centuries minority groups have been persecuted.

Sorry, but you can not be a "Christian agnostic." You are either a Christian, or an Agnostic. In order to be Christian (follower of Jesus Christ) you have, also, to believe in the trinity and in god. Which goes against of agnosticism (not knowing, not thinking we will ever find out). You could be an Agnostic Theist, but you would not fall into the "christians" category, even though you share some beliefs.<br />
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WondersBeyondOurGalaxy,<br />
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Please explain what you mean by, "Some of us do, in fact, KNOW that God exists." that goes against the definition of Agnosticism, therefore you are not an Agnostic. I mean no offence, but I wonder what group you are referring to.

Well Eros P A <br />
I think searching for the truth with an open mind as you're doing represents a very healthy attitude.<br />
Mainstream Christian beliefs are usually based on having complete faith whereas Agnostics are inclined to be don't knows.<br />
Perhaps you might fall more into the Gnostic Chritian doubting Thomas camp who want to see things with their own eyes before they believe?<br />
I think it does no harm whatsoever to consider different beliefs & make your own mind up about them. <br />
Personally I find they've all got good & bad points.<br />
So keep up with your spiritual searching.

Bitter, I know what agnostic means thank you... however, you seem to have decided for yourself already..when you said, "and no god at all." Which would make you an athiest wouldn't it? You said, "I WAS for many years although.." Past tense, so, you aren't an agnostic now are ya? So you, an athiest, telling me not to comment because I'm NOT an agnostic is rediculous, you aren't an agnostic either. And here you are, telling me to comment elsewhere because I'm not an agnostic...sheesh...what is your agenda it to expose yourself as a hypocrite?

You believe in Christian values? A lot of flat out atheists claim they do as well.<br />
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It is a bit confusing... "Christian agnostic"... because to be Christian is to believe what the bible teaches - and the God it sets forth. In other words, to be Christian is to have a firm belief in who God is.<br />
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I deduce that you're more along the lines of an Agnostic Theist. <br />
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I think that by your definition a lot of people don't "know" that the earth is round. We see pictures and deduce by intangible physics that it's round, but we don't really "know".<br />
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We don't "know" whether or not there is an entity or entities out there far superior to humans, but many assume there is due to simple probabilities and the realization that to believe humans are above all, everywhere, is arrogant and naive. Some believe that entity is the God of the bible, some don't.

Ok, then go to the " whatever you do believe in section" Agnostic means undecided or unknowable which you are undoubtedly your own words in your first post. Hence my "pouncing" and "rude" assesment..

Bitter, so I'm "waiting to pounce in the agnostic section" huh? And'd know all about being rude wouldn't you? Your accusations and assumptions about me are just as bogus as your beliefs. I am not a Christian...but you'd know that if you knew what a real Christian was. Eros wouldn't have joined the Christianity group either if he knew what it really means to be a Christian.

Wondersbeyond...why are you waiting to pounce in the agnostic section ? How rude. If eros had posted this in the I believe in god forum, I could see it. This is exactly the kind of behaviour that gives god believers a bad name.<br />
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Anyway, eros, it's not that odd. many people are just like you. I was for many years although my lean now is between just a uni/multiversal life form that we comprise who is unaware of us on an individual level, and no god at all.

I'm sorry but I have to correct you on just this one thing: Some of us do, in fact, KNOW that God exists. To think that "we all" don't know whether God exists is based on YOUR perspective and is an assumption of yours.