Well, none of my family know I'm agnostic, and it seems kind of weird when my sister brings up going to church because she thinks I'm a Christian, like she is. She even asks me how am I going to raise my kids, if I have them, if I have an atheist boyfriend when I'm Christian. I always find it hard to scoot around the issue without actually confirming my beliefs or denying hers. It's a touchy subject, really.
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Anyone who feels like this, as I do, should check out the local Unitarian-Universalist church. A very open minded and liberal thinking denomination. It welcomes people with all kinds of different view points.

I should beware of them.

Well.. if you go by that witch and her daughters... =/

Oh my god, I know that face! <br />
<br />
Well, I can't say the church I went to was like that, but the people in this church were very judgmental, and I hated it.

When people ask me and I tell them they're like "Oh." Fake understanding face..<br />
<br />
I've not been before or since that whole time. The priest only ever 'preached' of how "If you don't accept the LORD CHRIST into your heart then you will BURN AN ETERNITY in Hell!" Yeeaah... get us by scaring us. Control us with fear. TRY.

Well, I was made to go to church since I was a little girl. Mainly, because of the fact they helped my mother out by moving her and us kids away from my dad when he was abusive. So yeah, I'm not religious because it has always been forced on me. There's so much drama that goes along with it.

I agree, when I went visiting a whole bunch of my relatives, several asked me if I go to catholic or lutheran church. When I told them I don't go to church, and never will, they just looked at me like I was some alien!

My dad made me go to church for a while (evil stepmom).<br />
I didn't have religion before then. and that only showed me that it's not always "innocence and purity".<br />
<br />
None of my family knows, they haven't asked, but they sometimes talk of religion and I just don't have any input.<br />
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I'm not against religion, but without it there would be fewer battles and things like that..

I know what you mean. A lot of the time people like to push their beliefs on others, and, in turn, can make the other person hate it more.