Do You Understand This?

The fears that cause us to retreat to the dark caves of our mind hold us in captivity.  In these dark places, very little light enters from the outside, and we pretend that we are safe.  We create artificial light and pretend it is true.  We show the false light to together and call it wonderful.  If they will not accept it or if we can scare them into believing it, we feel reassured and not so frightened ourselves.  If we can not have this reassurance, we seek isolation and condemn the others who will not believe. 

This expresses my experiences with religion. 
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I understand this too. I wonder if it is the basis of religion.

Thank you!

I understand this. See my answer under "Why do we have to believe in god?"

If you read my life story as posted under "Fotoshot," you can probably see why I feel this way.