Not Positive And Proud Of It.

I've never really defined myself in any religion before, but my beliefs fall closely enough to Agnosticism I think to share in this group.

Personally, I don't really have any will to define myself to a certain religion. I have studied alot of different religions, and to me, each has their good points and their not so good points. But I find that almost every religion SHARES certain attributes, such as Kindness, Respect, Forgiveness, and not to hurt people. To me, these are simply common sense, and how one should treat any person. What I have done for myself is taken these core beleifs, and made them my personal rules of conduct. Not a religion, not a mandatory obligation, but what should be done to make yourself the best person you could be.

As for the deity half of my argument, there is no way to truly prove or disprove the exsistance of a higher power. Religous people base their beleif on faith, which is comendable. They have enough beleif in their deities to be sure. I am simply happy to live in "the grey zone", as I heard referenced in another story on this group. I feel no need to commit to a black or white beleif, as long as I am a good person.

I feel free in the grey zone, that I can truly be myself without anyone dictating a part of me is wrong. Many of the things I am and beleive in belong in the grey zone. To name a few.

1) I support homosexuality- While this is not a grey zone thing, it falls into the base belief of Love. If it makes your heart happy, and fullfills you in a way, then for me, it can't be wrong

2)I'm bisexual- Again hitting on the subject of Love. It's not strange to not love only one gender to me, because the attraction is based on so many things. Not only looks, but personality, and the way they radiate with me.

3) The right to be unsure- one should not have to choose a certain religion. It is up to every individual to decide what they want to beleive in.

Lastly, I beleive the best thing to do is live day by day, following your heart and your mind, and spend each moment like it would be your last. I do not know what will happen when the end comes for me, and frankly, I beleive I will find out when I get there, and not a moment sooner. But I DO know that when I die, I will not regret a single second that I lived.

Sorry for rambling, but this is just my personal beleifs and may they provide any insight or just something to ponder for the people that may read them. :) Feel free to comment or share your views, same or different.
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