I Am Agnostic And A Human Being

I don't know if there is a god but i won't say a supreme being does not exist. I am deeply hated here in texas for being agnostic and some even call me a heartless animal because of it. The tiny town I go to school in has 8 different churches and they are devoted to hating gays and agnostics, and I am both gay and agnostic. I just wish someone would treat me with kindness and compassion.
EmotionalRaven EmotionalRaven 18-21, M 6 Responses May 14, 2012

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im agnostic too im not gay myself but i definitely dont think u should be looked down upon for it i have alot of friends and even with most of them being christian we still get along im sure u will find someone that will understand

As a fellow agnostic, I'm perfectly fine with all people; in other words I respect those of different sexualities. I personally think it's wrong that most Christian churches vouch for the 'destruction of the homosexual.' It's wrong to hate; as I could say, 'to hate thy neighbor is to not be Christian.' As far as I'm concerned, religion (at least Christianity) has become a bit hypocritical.<br />
But rest assured knowing that not all Christians are a part of the whole anti-Gay thing going on. I think it's a disgusting thing what the Church is doing by going on anti-gay rants. Therefore you have my support all the way. Good luck.

I know it is hard but stay confident in yourself! I am a follower of Christ but not a Christian if that makes sense? The hatred found in most churches is disturbing so I follow only his ghost. I personally believe the open minded agnostic will play a huge role in exposing Gods true nature which includes all that exist! If God created you gay why would he hate you for being gay that dosent make sense? Keep the kindness in your heart and a righteous creator dosent care if your gay or if you believe he only wants love!

It's hard for me to believe that people can treat others with little tolerance. I am sorry that you deal with people who cannot accept you for who you are, but in my experiences I have learned the hard way that the most important opinion in the world is your own. Once you accept yourself, then others could start to accept you. Live with dignity. <br />
And personally, I think it's fine being gay (I mean, come on, I have friends who are gay and I openly support gay marriage) and agnostic (I am agnostic myself). Maybe once you get a little older and get lucky you could move out of that town. Its inhabitants seem rather backwards! They need to get out of their little sheltered place and see the world for how it really is. There's a whole diversity of peoples everywhere, of all different forms of life they might never have imagined. It sounds like the people in your town have a mean understanding of the world.

I know how you feel. I am bisexual and Agnostic, and not a lot of people where I am respect that. It's the exact same with lots of churches and religious haters. But I am human, and so are they. Why can't we all just get along? I don't think it's right that people constantly say that they are right and everyone else is wrong. I guess that's why I like Agnosticism a lot too, because anything could be possible. I am open to others, but they aren't open to me because I'm *wrong and a sinner*, even though I don't believe that. I understand how you feel though..

*Hugs* now that aint right ur a human being to religon has corrupted the mind of human beings everywhere sadly.... i would be kind to u if u lived where i live where i live every one is just weird but they alway like to make friends with anyone