Life Long Skeptic

While my father doubted the existence of God he never-the-less sent us to church and Sunday school, which turned out pretty useless. The bible and God seemed to me man-created and make-believe, no different than Greek mythology. Over the years doubt turned to intense scrutiny and this led to my understanding that the spiritual realm, and later religion, was early man's natural way of uniting, knowing, understanding, and justifying. And given man's consciousness in world without science how else could early man makes sense of things without spiritual help? It made perfect sense. But here we are today, tens of thousands of years later and with all we now know about the natural world, and religion and spirituality remains so deeply entrenched.

I am a realist who would like to correspond with other like-minded realists.
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True but uncivilized people (in terms of thinking) will never cease to appear even in a civilized world.