Why I "converted" Agnostic To Atheist

I used to consider myself agnostic, but am now an Atheist. The reason is that belief is an active thing. When I say that "I don't believe in God", that is very different from saying that "I believe there is no God." In other words, based on what I now know, I don't believe that God exists; however, if someone showed me scientific data that God does exist, then I would believe. I don't ACTIVELY disbelieve in God. I just don't think there is a God, but admit that God *could* exist. It goes back to the old saying that "Atheism is a religion like not skiing is a hobby."

Penn Jillette (of Penn & Teller) says it best: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTWlQaZ0DWo
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No pun intended, you still sound agnostic

Semantic twaddle. The dictionary defines atheism as "disbelief" in God and all the New Atheist attempts at political doublespeak and redefining the dictionary are nothing more than evangelical style proselytizing. If you don't actively disbelieve in God than you are agnostic by the standards of the vast majority of people in the world. To contest the validity of how the vast majority of people define such words means you must have some sort of active belief on the subject.