Childfree And No Religion- Double No No

My parents have had little education and are very traditional and religious. They only talk of me fulfilling their life script- to try to make lots of money and get married. I don't care for either. I can't move out until I get married to someone from my ethnicity who is religious. That's a problem as I'm agnostic and I esp. don't want children who are going to be indoctrinated.

I want to learn how to not be timid, to grow out of this social anxiety, to be more grow as a person and step away from these 4 walls which are suffocating me. My peers are all married, having children while they make me feel like an alien amongst them.

I want to save enough money to travel, to form a quality life on my own terms, to give to part of the millions of children already born who have no parents and no family. I don't need to have my own children, a mini me. A child doesn't have to have my features, my blood for me to love them. No one in my family has ever adopted or even just mentored other children...let alone question their religion. "Be fruitful and multiply" they think this is something mandatory, an obligation. Maybe when the world didn't hold 7 billion people!!

I know there is much more than this...there is just no way to reach out and grasp it without being shunned. :(
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Your story is so cool! I agree fully. Just be who you are, and do these great things. The world needs you.

I can relate to you. I just graduated and it seems like im confined in this abyss of a city.

I suggest you look up the 10 life laws because they are a great source of wisdom in managing your life because life cannot be changed only managed. Life law 1 is you either get it or you don't. When Decca records turned down the Beatles the worlds most successful recording artists saying groups were on the way out they didn't get it ,and when General Custer chased the native Americans saying we have them on the run and ran into an ambush he didn't get it either. Life law 2 you create your own experience accept responsibility for your own life. Life law 4 you cannot change what you do not acknowledge. Law 5 Life rewards action Law 8 we teach people how to treat us. and very importantly Law 9 there is power in forgiveness. As parents we sometimes forget our children have grown into adults for they are forever children in parents eyes. Probably they have unfulfilled dreams and want to live them through your success. Religion and education are seperate issues because it is a myth that they go hand in hand some of the worlds greatest brains past and present have a faith. I have a faith because my experience shows me the value in it but I do not have a religion that is an invention of man and is full of hypocritical actions ,lies and racism and a history of violence.