I was watching house. Season 1, episode 5, it's about a nun that is having an allergic reaction to something but they can't quite figure it out.
One of the doctors says "Maybe it's Divine Will if she dies." and House's reply was "Well it's not MY will."
The doctor then goes on and tells House that if he's wrong about the existence of God, he's going to burn in Hell.

I don't agree with that.

My opinion on God is more Agnostic than anything, but it goes a little deeper than that. I tend to waver between a few different ideas, but I am always open to new thoughts. I'm always willing to listen to the most devoted religious person (Whether they be Christian, Jewish, Muslim, anything) to the completely unsure to the most unwavering Atheist. I think that there could be some sort of divine being that created the universe and everything in it, but is not all-loving and all-caring. I think it's possible that this divine being (Let's just call him God for short. When I speak of God I am not always speaking of the God from the Bible, please remember that) created the universe and then just left it there to do it's own thing. God was the cause, and He let it take effect. He might not even care about it, but he made it and everything from aliens to dinosaurs to evolution truly did happen.
I've thought about the possibility that the God from the Bible really is true, and I've considered what would happen to me after I die.
Will I go to Hell for not believing unwaveringly in Him? For not going to Church? For being pro-choice and pro-homosexual marriage?
I honestly don't think I would. I think that if God is the all-loving, all-knowing, all-caring divine being that He is claimed to be, I think he would understand that I am trying to be the best human being that I can be. I think he would see that I am following what I genuinely believe is the right thing to do, whether I am told it isn't right or not. I think, if anything, He would see that I was not necessarily true to believing in His existence, but true to myself and what I think is right. Someone that is all loving would base this off of how true to yourself you are.
And how could He expect us to just pick a religion? There are so many out there, I couldn't even tell you how many Christian groups exist, let alone every other religion out there. There are thousands upon thousands of them, yet each one claims to be the one true way to believe in God. There really is no proof for it, either. Each one claims to have their own set of miracles, how can we know?
We just can't. And any divine being that is all-loving and all-knowing would see that, and understand it's more than likely you're going to pick the wrong one anyway. Half of the time you don't even get to pick anyway, if you grow up with Catholic parents you're more likely to be Catholic because they teach you Catholic ideals. Or if you have Muslim parents, you're more likely to have Muslim ideals.
It's also regional. Christian's are from Europe (and those countries they conquered). Muslim's are Middle Eastern. Hindu's and Buddhists are Asian. It's just how it works, you grow up with all of these people around you that have similar ideas about the existence of God, and they share them with you and you pick up on it as you grow, like a language.
So really. Those from almost any religion claim that if you follow a different religion, you are going to hell for it. How is it their fault that they are born into a different religion? A different society with different ideals and a different culture? Different does not always mean bad.
I've come to realize that human beings in general fear things that they don't understand. They fear things that are different from them, and condemn them for it.
What we need to do is embrace these different ideals, and try to understand them. And even if we don't come to an understanding we need to accept them. Yes, there are certain ideals from other religions that we completely disagree with, but as long as you yourself still follow what you believe, God will accept you.
If there is a God. I still don't know, and I never will. I'm just going to finish watching Season 1, episode 5 of House.
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So, point out one place in the bible where a human being goes to hell. Just one. Don't waste your time - there isn't one. God never, ever sends a human being to hell.

Matthew and Mark basically made it up to start their own religion based on someone they hung around who was much cooler than they were. It is, in fact, not mentioned EVER in the old testament. Christ himself never even used the word!

That's a pretty big omission don't you think? Why wouldn't it ever be mentioned in the entirety of the old testament? Sort of strange, ja?

I was raised Southern Baptist, and a lot of small minded fools nearly turned me away from faith. But faith and religion are two separate things. You can have the good part without the bad. And if you don't want/have the faith, God is not going to roast you over it. That sort of fearmongering is what people who've never read the damned book spread around.

Now, it does say you don't get into the Kingdom of Heaven without having the faith.

Interestingly enough, when the Pharisees condemn Christ's miracles as tricks of demons, it is mentioned that no matter what they will not be accorded forgiveness in THIS AGE. That means reincarnation as far as I can tell.

Actually READ the book, make up your own mind. Don't let other people sway your judgement.

you sweet thing :). You already believe in God. Thats enough for now. Except God is Spiritual and a Mystery.