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The last time I took an inventory on my spiritual beliefs I had a lot I was trying to get sorted out and answered and each path I walked down just ended with me being far more confused than when I started. Over the last couple of years and definitely after the last few posts I made here I have taken many steps back in trying to figure out the universe. I still don't believe in a "god" or a "devil" in the traditional sense but I definltely believe there is something out there larger than us.

I spoke with my girlfriend about religioun at length last night, She's Penticostal, and she was just gauging my beliefs and I was able to cement a couple of beliefs of mine last night. I do not believe in religion. The usual argument to this is that you would not believe in them because you think they're inherantly wrong or other things like that, my problem isn't the belief itself, it's the fact that most religions are unwilling to adapt their structure or challenge any of the ideas. I am not the same person I was when I was 4 or 18 or even 23 for that matter so why would my religion stay the same when I did not. Questions and adaptation are the natural progression of learning and growing and I just don't believe you can truly grow in a structure so resistant to change. Those are just some of my thougts, what are yours?
IWishIUnderstood IWishIUnderstood 22-25, M 2 Responses Dec 6, 2012

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Brother the larger thing is the Universe OR HiggsBoson whatever you like cuz I LUV science.

I love science too but I can never shake the feeling that there is some sort of supernatural thing. not God as religion states but something similar.

What you ask would legitimately apply to God if his knowledge were somehow incomplete. Were that to be accurate then he wouldn't be God.

As such, God's principles are eternal. They are just as valid today as when they were first recorded in the Bible especially since humanity's basic needs have not changed.

but there lies my biggest dilema: we don't know what His principles are anymore. We have lost sight of the original message and have taken it upon ourself to interperate them. Maybe if we had an unchanged version of the original text of the bible things would be a little different but we know for a fact it's been rewritten and retranslated over and over again for some 2000+ years and we know events like the Counsil of Nicea occured where man dictated what would be and what would not be in the bible.

Actually, the "Protestant" canon agrees more with the very first Bible, The Tanakh, than with the Catholic and Orthodox canons. This is significant because The Tanakh is decidedly older than the Catholic and Orthodox canons making these illegitimate adulterations of the Bible.