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I was agnostic my whole life pretty much with intermittent bouts of Christianity and a heap of love for Catholicism for a few years. It was a true love for me. Now I have fallen out of love with my religion and even the idea of a creator. I can't commit to the possibility of there being a creator or there being no such thing. I was thinking of many things today. Why our DNA has 90-something % in common with we became different races(blonde, blue-eyed, asian, black)....
and how that all contradicts the bible...
I think philosophy is mans different interpretations of reality and religion is mans different ways of looking at "nonreality"..what we cannot see and how we came to be..
I really hope for a creator to exist..I really do...for some reason the beauty in this world tries to convince me of that..but I have issues with the bible and religion in general..everyone claims to have been inspired by God or a messiah..and theirs is the "right" one...and death to the other...
I'll always wonder about the answers..
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Indeed we didn't..and were expected to resist sin in a garden of perfection. To want more..and we failed. But we are human and always wanting more. And being God couldn't he see the future? And the way it would turn out even until now?

For the believer no proof is required,for the non believer no proof is ever enough.

So true :)

I'm Agnostic most of my Life as well. What keeps me from being 100% Atheist, is why and what makes all this Universe's unconscious matter that the Universe (Is) exist? What makes it more Superior to our ephemeral existence? The only thing I see about a matter Universe is this is material for handling our Conscience Existence. As the Universe began Conscience Life, it is laid out ahead of (Us) and we are the fore children of an on going and unfolding Universe. I think between anything Spiritual in different plains and dimensions of a spiraling out Universe, having Galaxies, we have Guardian Life looking after our Galaxy and Solar System ... (Is why I think we are being looked after by Intelligent Extraterrestrial Aliens much more, and that they fooled ancient man to thinking they were our "Gods" and made up Religions to manipulate other humans to follow their culture. And we have lost the Science to go beyond that. Our lives are not by man made religions, but how honest we make our own hearts out to be with this Universe. What matters is how much we appreciate the Universe.

I never meant to fool anyone! lol..that was those other guys

I think this is the first comment I have seen you make on any story. Im gonna have a heart attack! lol...I guess I would have thought you were christian but sounds like you feel like me..bummer mama :(

yes to clueless and mind-boggling :)

Creationism vs. Evolutionism? Regardless of which one is correct (or incorrect) did(n't) something create everything?<br />
It's amazing how we're still absolutely clueless (at least what we're told any ways) about the origin of everything despite the enormous amount time and effort that has been invested in the subject? <br />
Mind Boggling, To Say The Least?

Religion is fine if you look at it as the people of that time searching for truth and to build a cohesive community

Sounds right to me

I figure if you believe something that doesn't hurt anybody and it makes you a better person, then who am I to judge? Unfortunately, I always end up being an agnostic again.

I try not to be judgemental..Im just confused..Im actually open to all beliefs...but the truth is another thing...

She? Sick sense of humor! :D
What is an existentialist? Its been a while since college :)
Yes those Latin hymns really got to me...and my tattoo was for God! invalid?