We Don't Know

We live our lives trying to have some sort of grasp to a higher power.
We want to believe that someone is there caring for us, someone who loves us so much they would die for us since no one in the real life seems to really be concerned with us but for their own agendas.
But this ideal is the same as all. Given good favor as long as you kiss god's ***, sent to hell if you differ.  How is that hope at all.  It sounds like a human wrote that, I don't see anything supernatural or spiritual about that ideal.
Our brain... we did not make.  Our body we did not choose.  We didn't ask to exist.  We didn't design the world and what it contains.  Where is OUR say in things.  We are forced to adapt and accept things for what they are.  It's hard.  So hard that religion is the crutch masses have gravitated towards to enable them to give them the strength to survive.
I find the existence of a conscious personal thinking creator that you can talk to like an imaginary friend completely irrational and very unlikely.
superficialife superficialife 22-25, F Dec 20, 2012

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