Simplifying The Agnostic Conclusion

I'll try to keep this short as there really is no need for me to elaborate on this with a lengthy post.

I have spent the majority of my life as an Atheist. Simply put, never once did this childish believe in some superior divine entity that governs everything in our universe ever make any sense to me. As a matter of fact, I had more faith in the existence of Pokemon that I ever did about conventional religions and their famed gods. Nonetheless, I found society's obsession with gods and religions so baffling that I just had to try to understand why. I spent several years obsessing on the topic and learning as much I could about all religions and their history.

What did I learn? Religion is of little significance to the world. Human beings are just weak minded people. If religion as we know it did not exist, some smartass would have spurred some equally ridiculous notion of belief that would soon be followed by the masses. Then some other smartass in some other part of the world would do the same. Beliefs would eventually clash and because "smart" people would never relinquish their control over others, conflict on a mass scale would simply be inevitable.

However, given my new found understanding, my own personal beliefs started to change.

Simply put, an theist is one who claims to know for certain that there is a divine entity while an atheist is one who, on the contrary, claims to know that there is no divine entity in existence. Both parties are claiming to know something that is completely beyond their comprehension. Religion is without a doubt a load of ****, but in reference to a god(s), I cannot disprove it much more than I can that of skinny, big headed, green aliens. Our universe is so vast and for all anyone knows, infinite. I only know this one life, have only step foot on this one planet, etc. What the **** do I, or anyone else for that matter, really know about anything to say that such a being could or could not exists?

Human beings have a hard time comprehending nothingness and infinity. Due to those restrictions, people are just waiting to insert a means of understanding. Usually, the one that sounds the most elegant and makes the least amount of assumptions is the go-to answer (Ockham's Razor).

That is all.

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Earnestlyhere Earnestlyhere
26-30, M
Feb 4, 2013