The greatest best-seller of all time. It has captivated and entranced, repulsed and exasperated billions. The most profound fairy-tale, an endless scroll of allegories, and deepest metaphors ripe off its pages.....the Bible.
Best book ever. I would honestly read it as a curious devoured of texts, more out of a creative and artistic vantage point than as a pious observer.
Honestly. It has so much archaic figurative language it is comparable to Classic literature, or Heroics.
I deem both atheists and theists ignorant.
Atheists for failing to see the literary value in the Bible just because it's religion and bash it harshly, theists because they believe atheists are heretics and are stuck in the Dark Age mentality in that regard.
As for me, I'm amoral. Morally bad? By default, evil? Maybe.
I'm no spiritual man, but different religions imbibe me. I love anything alternative, and religion I meet with no ignorance and discrimination.
Sophist? Nihilist? Existentialist? Spiritualist? Whatever, it's all fun to me. It's part of humanity and we best embrace it.
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Atheists just don't believe in God. Most are agnostic atheists. It has nothing to do with the literary aspect of the Bible. I'm an atheist and I actually study the Bible. Nobody who does not believe in a God is an atheist. That's the only view shared by all of them.

Clearly I know.
What's being atheist if one is agnostic? The first two statements are in conflict.
It's good you do.
Furthermore, there is logical and illogic theism. Perhaps not relevant to your last point, but it may hold for atheists too.

What's being atheist if one is agnostic? I'm not sure what you mean. Atheism vs theism is belief in a god or lack thereof. Gnostic vs agnostic is what you claim to know or what you don't claim to know. You can be a gnostic atheist, a gnostic theist, an agnostic atheist, or an agnostic theist.

Hmmm. Never thought of that. I appreciate the insight.
I don't really know where I lie. Where do you?
I need clarification on the Gnosticism and agnosticism. I'm confused how they affect the meaning of atheism and theism..

I'm an agnostic that leans more toward atheism so I suppose I'd be an Agnostic Atheist (if we must label ourselves;)

Once a Christian, but I don't believe in any religions and never will again.
It's just that we cannot 100% rule it either way...

If we were created, then who created the creator?

Bottom line ... Nobody has a clue, be wary of those who tell you they do!

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