I've never known what to think about religion. Neither parents really talk about God or the like. I started studying religion on my own not long ago. A few have had some appeal to me, made sense in a way. Ah, I don't know what to think. Pagan religions made sense to me because I have always loved outdoors & some Pagan teachings just clicked. LeVayan Satanism also has an appeal to me because you but the power into yourself (also, you don't worship something you can't see).

NisaSerene NisaSerene
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I would imagine that any type of "Satanism" just from the name, would have to do with giving some form of reverence to Satan, from teh Christian religion, so it seems that would be worshipping something you cant see as well...?<br />
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You should look up Deism, I think you might find that interesting. They hold the belife that a God created the universe, set its laws (physics, etc) and then left us to our own accord. But its a very natural religion, with no interfering God who orchestrates man's life and decisions. :)