So Glad..... have finally found a medium-point in religion. for a while now i've just considered myself an athiest, since i choose not to follow any particular religion. but while my ten-year-old cousin was battling cancer,  i actually started praying almost every night. i guess it's that point that i "found God" in a way. but i still didn't want to follow any real religion. i was raised catholic, but in my preteen years i started questioning some catholic beliefs, like how God didn't want us to be gay, and other things that seemed simply ridiculous to me. so i started getting confused about my beliefs, because i could no longer call myself athiest, and there was no religion that i fully agreed with, so when people asked me what religion i was, i simply said "i have my own religion." but then i found this experience group, and decided to look into what it meant to be agnostic. suddenly, everything became so much clearer to me, and it was like i was finally home.

tayzerindiGOgreen tayzerindiGOgreen
Mar 16, 2009