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A Happy Medium

The main reason I consider myself agnostic, is because I'm split between athiesm, and spiritual religion. I definatly do not believe what the church says and I never read the bible and I don't have a problem with premarital sex (though that may just be because I'm a guy lol.) I believe that there is something much bigger out there, and maybe even something simaler to the "IDEA" of god, because if there wasn't...well then that would just be boring lol. I'm not saying "There is a god dammit! Blargh!!!!" because I do believe in the theory of evolution, I believe you can be gay if you choose to be without being some evil hell bound man, I believe you can have sex before marriage, I believe you don't need to be baptised at birth (I never was, and I don't feel the need to.) But I get the feeling sometimes that science just can't explain everything, that theres something thats far beyond our comprehension. I've done sayonces (sorry if i misspelled that.) which is talking to the dead, with a friend of mine and have gotten results, and as hard as it may seem to believe, I have seen a demon multiple times during my young childhood (didn't stop seeing the demon until I was 8 years old) So I consider myself agnostic, because I don't consider myself a athiest, but no where even close to a christian or any of the worlds other mainstream religions, in a way, I sort of see my self as a whole different kind of religion in general, with one

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If you've never read the Bible how do you know it's not true?

I've read the bible, which is a book of stories, written by humans, just like you and I. In no way shape or form, does the mere existence of the bible prove the existence of God. In fact, nothing, on this planet can prove the existence of God.

How, then, do you explain the fact that not a single one of the Bible's fulfilled prophecies has ever been wrong?

Hahaha...oh really, all the bibles prophecies are true? Yeah right. Stories in bible are like old wives tails, based on someones experience at some point and time then passed on from person to person. Those stories, may have some truth behind them, but they have long lost their meaining. To me, the bible is total bullshit.

Argumentum ad lapidem. You've done nothing to dispel the arguments presented and their supporting facts. Try again.

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