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I am agnostic not only for personal reasons but also for political reasons.  Looking at this world around me and seeing how much bigotry, hate, violence and injustice occurs because of such strong conviction in religious faith makes me realize that who are we kidding to say one religion in the right one? Its based on FAITH. Not proof. I think faith can be a good thing and certain church groups can be helpful for your life if you need something stable to keep you grounded. But I am a capable independent human being and I don't need a pastor, rabbi or priest to try and shape my life based on how he interprets holy scripture.

The main thing that turned me away from the christian faith I was raised in was all the corruption.  Living in a preppy, conservative city in the bible belt of america, church has become a status symbol for people to show off their new cars and cute clothes and then later to go out to eat. Its either that or religious fanaticism.

Quite frankly I am a democratic liberal and I don't like the stance the church has taken on trying to "fix" the gay problem. People are born gay. Get it in your heads.

I am a spiritual person. I connect though music, nature and writing. I really don't need to pray to something I don't know is there. I am, however open to all religions and the possibilty of a god. When a person defines their whole life based on religion then they are just accepting the "easy way out". Where a collective body dictates what is right and wrong. People should stay true to themselves.

I also wanna say.. keep religion out of politics!

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Why have you turned away from Christ when he would never turn away from you?

Your story is why I am agnostic. I was jogging in the park today then I saw different groups talking and debating about religion, the hate that was being shown made me speak up, all i said was to respect one and other and respect others beliefs, in a number of seconds I was being verbally abused. I was agnostic to start with but I am on the verge of atheism. If religion did anything it is cause problems rather than help. People are wasting their precious lives living by rules and hatred!

Correct me if I'm wrong but weren't Danton, Lenin, Than Shwe, Stalin, Mengele, Mao, Kim Il Sung, Ceausescu, Honecker, Castro, Pol Pot, Broz Tito, Milosevic, Bonaparte and Mussolini oppressive, sadistic, mass murdering atheists who, collectively, butchered ***hundreds of millions*** of innocent men, women and children?

Good post! Just wondering how you feel these days almost 5 years later.....

I, too turned against religion because of politics. It is so hypocritical. Religious people, to me, are the worst. They don't really live what they believe and preach. They pick and choose what they want out of their bible and interprets them how they want. If there is really a GOD, he is one mean god. Look all around you and what's happening in our world. I listen to the news everyday and can't believe what's going on.<br />
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I don't claim to be righteous and holy; I have no religion; and I don't use it to spread hatred and intolerance for people who are different than me in the name of GOD like a lot of the so called religious people. It's called HYPOCRISY!<br />
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So, No, thanks. Keep your religion to yourself and don't insist it on me and others. I'm doing just fine being AGNOSTIC THEIST!

You are completely right you know. I agree with everything but your political views. Are you sure you wouldn't rather be a libertarian. The democratic party is full of socialists these days. The ones that want to take away your rights to do anything freely. Letting everybody have free hand outs sounds good at first but soon you realize that without the need to earn your keep you will fail to gain for yourself anything worth having. This is because identity is only gained though struggle. If you share the wealth eventually everybody is poor because nobody wants to work when they know they are taking care of people that don't deserve or respect the free hand outs they have been given. Just look at all the people who do drugs and live off of welfare. If that's not enough proof for you ask any one of them if they are liberal. They all hate the democrats and they live off of the democratic system. Go figure... I wounder why. Maybe because real charities don't exist though politics. Sorry it looks like I fell into a rant. Feel free to ignore anything you may find offensive. :)

I totally agree with you. I also can think for myself, and am fine doing so. I have good morals. I don't need to learn from some supposed holy text because I had a decent upbringing and I believe humans naturally learn to be kind and supportive of others. Maybe deep down, religions aren't too bad, but I think you can easily make the case by highlighting a plethora of passages. People can be pretty cruel and stupid sometimes, religious or not.

I can't believe in eternal life simply because I believe in the theory of relativity and the fact that energy cannot be created or destroyed...that means there must be a finite amount of energy in the universe. There has to be some amount of energy needed to power our human consciousness. I don't think our consciousness (or "soul" if you must) can exist without a body to fuel it. I find it easier to believe in reincarnation, that the electrical energy released when we die is somehow "recycled". It may be a different life form here on earth like an animal or insect or plant, or it may be somewhere else in the universe, or it may be another human life. It may start gestating again immediately after we die or it may take years, or centuries or even millennia before our energies are "recycled" into a new form. This is why we don't remember anything that happened before we were born, and this is why I don't believe our current consciousness can live on after we die.

Very interesting replies to Reidalie's story. If only mankind would choose to make heaven here on earth. Many can come up with an answer to "Can you prove that God exists?" but I have often pondered on the question - "Can you prove that God does NOT exist?" <br />
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I would be most interested to hear if you believe in life after this life. I certainly do, I cannot believe that when I die that will be the end of me. As for re-incarnation, I cannot make up my mind about that. I guess none of us will get the answers until we have left this mortal coil,

I like what you had to say. I too feel this is an world full of unjustice, hate, greed, and materialism. Religion has been used as a tool of manipulation and control for a long time. I don't blame religion for it is our own folly that it is corrupt as is most everything. Religion is simply a system of beliefs and creeds. When it is used correctly it can be uplifting experience. When abused it can be a means of control. I think that we shouldn't worry about going to hell for we are in hell! It doesn't have to be this way. We have the power to make it heaven if we so chose. We should be looking to find "God" out there somewhere beyond us but that the Divine resides within us all. That connection you have with the varous things you enjoy is a spiritual experience as vailidate as anything wiritten. No matter what you wish to call it. It is man that corrupts it. <br />
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I do still have hope. I believe that most peole are good, born free of the evisl that taints us all. I don't believe in the orginal sin or that you need to be saved. For we are all just stardust, made of the universe. We are one with all things. <br />
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We are lost, misdirected by those few which believe that they are God. Evil must exsist for there to be good, as the dark can not exsist without light. That there must be balance, harmony, for everything to be in perfect scynoroniscitry. That balance is off, we have lost our way because we have been mislead by all institutions. We have forgot that we all are one; with each other, with mother earth, with the universe. That what one does offect everyone. We have become materialistic, numb, brain-dead, lazy fools thinking that they are better then their neignbor. We exploit the earth, taking without regards to concequences. We have become competitive, doing whatever it takes to get ahead. Ahead of what? We measure each other by the way we look, what we have, and what we do. Thinking that we are better then each other. We have lost our way. In the end we are all born, live, and die no matter who you are. No one is better then anyone else and maybe all religions are right. They are just branches of a river that leads to the ocean. The ultimate desistnation is the same, no matter what you call it. We have the choice!<br />
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Imagine...One of my favorite songs says it all! I can imagine it. I hope you all can to. That we all can come together and peace on earth can begin. We can make heaven here if we so chose....

Mahler - I am agnostic but do believe in a power that exists in, around, and through us. I agree that man is accountable for most of the evil that occurs - but the force of nature, catastrophic illness, cosmic events and the multitude of other things beyond our direct control are 'of' and 'part of' the power. I also believe in the power of prayer as a form of self hypnosis, meditation, empowerment or the 'tapping into the power'.

I do not believe in organised religion, I do however, have a strong faith and my church is wherever I am. I believe that God is a power, an intelligent power, one that you can tap into, the creation of this world and of you and me were not just accidents. You are right in saying that politics and religion should not be mixed.<br />
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I have often heard it said that there is no god, how can there be when there are starving people in the world and wars. People blame this on god, but it is MAN'S fault that these things happen, and man should be ashamed to have let this world get into such a sorry state.<br />
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The Bible is a fascinating book. It contains folk stories, handed down through the generations to explain things that people could not understand, such as the Creation and the Garden of Eden, it contains fact and fiction, good and questionable advice, codes to live by and history etc. Some religions believe the Bible word for word which seems quite wrong to me.<br />
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We will never know if our god exists until we have left this mortal coil, and it matters not what you call him, there is only the one Power.

Couldn't agree more with everything you just said especially with "fixing" the gay problem. I see absolutely no problem with gay marriage in our world.

although i am not open to the possiblity of god, i do think you have a very good outlook on the whole matter. i'm sure i even have a few friends who feel the exact same way you do. and, of course, you are so right with your last statement. politics and religion do not mix. there should always be a seperation of church and state.

This is why the Constitution was created -- separation of church and state. Throughout the years, "Christians" have tried their hardest to make people believe that the Constitution promotes religion in politics when in actually, it never has. Separation of church exists for a reason.