Got Kicked Out Of A Church And It's All Downhill From There


I was the part of the right wing evangelical community.  I was always a bit of an outsider and trouble maker, but for the most part agreed with their theology.

Then I started to do some reading about how to do life/faith differently (I still recommend Mustard Seed by Tom Sine) and it turned my world upside down.  How to practice my faith became new to me.  Things like, being environmentally aware (I was always a closet environmentalist), stand for social justice... you know...those wacky liberal ideas.

To make a long story short, we were leading a college group/young adult group and got kicked out for taking the bus in a different direction then that they wanted to go.   But they still wanted us to go to church there!


That was it.  I was done with the politics and my belief system didn't fit anymore anyway.

Kind of dabbled in more liberal christianity, taoism, buddism, etc.  Although I consider myself an agnostic now, I still believe in something spiritual.  I can even agree with some philosophies of religion.  But I also agree with science and in many ways there is a conflict - although not too much outside of fundalmentalism I have discovered.

So now I wander.  Looking for little truths, but finding comfort in the mysterious gray.  :-)

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2 Responses Dec 28, 2009

it's amazing what happens when you start thinking for yourself....<br />
it's like a whole new world! :-)

im kind of in the same boat. my grandparents are hardcore jehova's witnesses and i just never agreed with the things that were going on there. So now i just kind of research different things and do my own thing lol. I think ive learned more that way.